Remove racist, sexist, ageist, bully Julie Anne Genter from NZ Parliament and NZ

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Minister for Women says OLD WHITE MEN should 'move on' from company boards.

Speaking to students at Christchurch's Cobham Intermediate School on Thursday 22 March 2018, Women's Minister Julie Anne Genter said OLD WHITE MEN in their 60's need to "move on" from company boards.

She said, later clarifying she had "no problem with OLD WHITE MEN" on company boards generally.

A Minister of the Crown has no excuse to use Sexist, Ageist, Racist remarks at all, but it is totally disgusting that she did that in front of school children. You can read it for yourself on the links below.

This pitiful and severely uneducated attack is not to be tolerated in New Zealand, Aotearoa: a country founded on a partnership between many peoples. We are better than that. We all know we are.

Julie Anne Genter no longer deserves to represent NZ or to even be a NZer. 

She does not represent us. Our children do not need to read or hear such things. Times up. You are the minority. 

In signing this petition we urge you, our Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Jacinda Ardern to remove her from Parliament and deport her from NZ.. It is in your power. Set a precedent for the country and a message that this will not be tolerated and hate speech of this type is not welcome here. 

Kia kaha tātou. Thank you.