Ban rodeos in NZ

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It's time to get real and ban the cruelty of animals for this so called "fun" day out. 

If you have been to a rodeo, you could be forgiven for perceiving rodeo as a fun family day out. But the truth is dark and cruel when you look behind the scenes. Officials go to great lengths to hide the violence from you. And disturbingly, we believe we only captured a fraction of the violence the rodeo animals experience.

Despite what any pro-rodeo person will tell you, the animals are not looked after better than children, are not treated like athletes and are not pampered. The animals were

rope burned
electric prodded
salivating excessively, a sign of severe stress

The message is clear: Rodeos are legalised animal cruelty. It's traumatic for the animals. They don't want to be there, they don't want to buck and they certainly don't enjoy it. It's not entertainment, it's violence. Please don't support rodeo.

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