Fix it Now! Victoria's Great South Coast Deserves a Safer Princes Highway! Need $$ Now!!

Fix it Now! Victoria's Great South Coast Deserves a Safer Princes Highway! Need $$ Now!!

7 April 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Princes Highway West Action Alliance

The community of the Great South Coast is being urged to get behind the campaign to get the Victorian and federal governments to finally provide the funds required for urgently needed upgrades to the Princes Highway West, between Colac and Port Fairy.

The ‘Fix It Now! The Great South Coast Deserves a Better Highway!’ campaign has been launched by the Princes Highway West Action Alliance (PHWAA) which has been lobbying for months to draw attention to the major arterial’s need for long overdue works.

According to PHWAA spokesman Scott Cavanagh, with the federal election on May 18 now is the time to really push home the message that the Great South Coast community deserves better.

“Our community has been incredibly patient, but enough is enough,” he says. “Ask anyone who travels the highway on a regular basis, and they’ll tell you just how frustrating and unsafe it is and how most people try and avoid using the Princes Highway at all if they can,” he says.

Three priority projects have been identified as needing urgent upgrades, after an extensive review of the infrastructure works needed on Princes Highway West, between Colac and Port Fairy.

The review was stage one of a total review of the 297km stretch of the key Victorian transport corridor between Colac and the South Australian border.

Thirty-nine infrastructure upgrade projects were identified with three highlighted as key priority projects for urgent funding.

Blue Church intersection west of Colac - $5 million

Installation of overtaking lanes or ‘2 +1’ infrastructure from Colac to Camperdown - $21m

Installation of overtaking lanes and duplication through Dennington on the Warrnambool to Port Fairy section of the highway - $60.8 m

"We’ve done the research, identified priority projects and know the dollars that are required to get the work done,” says Mr Cavanagh.

“Now we just need both state and federal governments to recognise that we do deserve better and commit to funding these long overdue upgrades.”

I started this petition, because…
The communities of Victoria's Great South Coast have been overlooked long enough.

From Colac to Port Fairy, families and businesses deserve specific and targeted funding for the highway before more lives are lost and the cost to the local economy grows even larger.

We urge you to support this petition to let both state and federal politicians know the Great South Coast deserves better and has had enough.

It's time for action and guaranteed funding! And the time is now!


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Signatures: 715Next goal: 1,000
Support now