Raise our Hae Hawaii!

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Jesiah Malaikini, a 16 year old Kanaka Maoli student at Hana High and Elementary, was suspended for raising the Hae Hawaii during the Parkland Solidarity School Walk out on 3/14/18 .

Malaikini rearranged the flags on the school flagpole raising the Hae Hawaii, the Hawaii Kingdom flag, above the American Flag. The Hae Hawaii was later adopted during US Occupation and today is utilized to represent the "State of Hawaii."

Jesiah was ordered by the Vice Principle and an armed police officer to replace the flags. Under threat of arrest, he declined and was subsequently suspended

The Malaikini Ohana is asking that you do not let Jesiah stand alone and support their requests to

1) Stop symbolic oppression of the illegal overthrow (As represented by placing the American flag over the Hae Hawaii)

2) Proper education in school that the Hawaiian Kingdom is illegally occupied by the United States which would include curriculum in the classroom and a Hawaiian Kingdom diploma

3) Stop bullying from School officials and criminalization of students, as demonstrated in this case by an armed police officer being brought onto campus to discipline a minor for a minimal, non-violent infraction.

4) Erect two flag poles for each flag at Hana High and Elementary. If anyone would like to contribute funds towards this you can go to https://www.gofundme.com/hae-hawaii-flagpole-in-hana-school

5) Public apology by DOE superintendent for suspending our youth.

For more on this story you read here or watch the live interview. 


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