Jeremy Kyle to be aired again

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As we all are aware, the Jeremy Kyle show has been axed permanently from ITV due to the tragic death of a man who aired on the show a week ago. It is preposterous to blame  Steve Dymond’s death on one single man and his show, have ITV even given any thought as to how this may affect Mr Kyle himself after being slammed on social media for the suicide of a man let alone his entire career being axed. Family members of Steve Dymond have even told the public that his death was an accidental overdose of two drugs! Whilst the show is notorious for lively guests and shocking story lines, Jeremy Kyles intentions have always been good- to better the lives of the people who appear on his show. He has payed for the private treatment to rehabilitate drug addicts with a near perfect success rate, he has reunited families after decades of lost contact or those who were put up for adoption at a young age. In addition, he has changed a large number of families lives for the good with his lie detector tests and not to mention his DNA tests which provide answers for estranged families who may not be able to afford a DNA test without Mr Kyle’s help! All that is needed is 100,000 people to sign this petition within 30 days! Get signing if you want Jezza back on our screens, it’s our time to help him after him helping members of the public for free for over a decade!