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Firm Resolution from Serbia, B&H, India, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and S. Africa

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We, the consultants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and South Africa would like to address you formally concerning the announced changes to the Service Agreement. At this point, there are thousands of us active, and even more potential consultants. We have largely taken over the recruitment process from the company Workforce, as it is in our mutual best interest that we keep providing this service, even if it is by a personal recommendation, in a manner in which none of us get any compensation for.

We are glad that the Company's stock has risen in value, that the Company has grown and continues to expand. According to the latest information, the number of clients has been estimated to be close to a million, with the number of teachers being as much as ten thousand. All of this speaks volumes about how we have managed to break into the highly competitive ESL market. Likewise, we consider that our contribution to the fact has been far from insignificant. As almost 20% of the active teaching staff this Company employs, with the lowest base rate, we've had the opportunity to feel both the positive and the negative sides of working under extremely stressful conditions at times the Company has needed us most. The results are evident and are reflected in the employment rate, the bookings, the new clients, as well as the new session types and programs. We would like to add that despite the fact we make “only” 20% of the active teaching staff, we are sure that we are responsible for no less than 40% of all the sessions conducted daily.

Still, all of us have been unpleasantly surprised when we have read your last e-mail. The expectancies are as follows - we are supposed to work twice as hard for what would be a drastic wage deduction. This will significantly increase the clients' booking rates so we will be able to make more of our students happy - while our wages will suffer.

This is something we surely cannot accept. Even if we put aside our professional dignity, this still shows us your complete lack of respect for us as your employees.

There are many ways for a company to market itself, but we are all aware of the fact that the Company is primarily money focused. Understandably, our pay is equally important to us. Still, our primary goal as teachers is to make our students satisfied, which we do not believe will be easy in the near future. We do not appreciate or condone your action to reduce our salaries, completely negate our bonuses or otherwise decrease our earning potential. Instead of positive changes reflected in our payment, we are expected to accept only 5 minutes of break between sessions during which we are supposed to get fully ready for the next session, and all of this especially within the pressuring tempo of the peak hours, but for less money. We do not even need to mention the unresponsive and highly unprofessional schedulers, mysterious disappearances of the scheduled sessions from our daily records, as well as constantly delayed reactions of the IT sector and the consultants carrying the full responsibility of every single technical issue a client might have. These are all the factors that already hinder our earning potential, and this additional blow is something we cannot accept.

Despite all the above mentioned downsides, we hope that you will come up with a positive solution for both parties and for the benefit of our great students.

As a response, we firmly state the following:

-The consultants from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Greece,  Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and South Africa are willing to accept an equal base rate of 6$ per session, which is common for the majority of the consultants around the world. Or at least to have the same BR 3$ and a double BR bonus for junior sessions (example: 100BR + 100BR + bonus 40%BR (rating 10))

-We do not accept for the bonus to be solely earned through a rating of 10, while all the other ratings will still affect our rating average but be of no benefit to us as employees. If financial stimulation per rating is ineffective, we consider other ways of stimulation possible: based on number of sessions in a week, based on whether or not sessions being held during a weekend, whether or not being held during peak hours, whether or not the sessions being held between midnight and 6 AM in the consultant's country, etc.

-Bad marketing from this decision spreads rapidly among all of your consultants, as we are in contact with other international groups of teachers, and the vast majority of them shares the outrage. Keeping open channels of information with our great colleagues all over the world, we can proudly say that they support us in our intentions. Actions such these will certainly affect your ratings on sites such as Glassdoor, and consequently treating your employees this way certainly cannot result in a positive review.

Considering all the above said, we are announcing our resolution to go on a strike starting from June the 8th, when the new agreement is due to be imposed by the Company. We will not book any sessions until we find a solution that is reflected in the mutual benefit, as well as that of our students.

Last but not least, let us remind you that we all received an email on May 26 stating that the Company would be launching new 25-minute sessions thus giving the consultants 'the opportunity to teach two sessions in an hour...(and)..earn more money'. As you can see, the latest information we have received regarding the new pay/bonus structure by no means reflects what has been stated in the aforementioned email.

We expect and hope our professional cooperation to reach a higher level than the current one.

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