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Boycott the New Statesman Until it Stops Censoring of Palestinian voices

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Without notice and without informing the author, the New Statesman has deleted from its web site a moving story by Salah Ajarma, the founder of the Lajee Cultural Centre in the Palestinian refugee camp of Aida, near Bethlehem.

It is a moving story of what it is like for Palestinian youth to grow up under a repressive military occupation and in the shadow of the Apartheid Wall which has confiscated much of Aida's lands for the nearby settlement of Gilo.

The article was the result of a partnership between the New Statesman and Palestine Solidarity Campaign.  PSC however wasn't told of the removal of the article from the NS's web site and despite repeated attempts, the NS refuses to speak to anyone from PSC or Salah.

What is known is that 2 pro-Zionist blogs took exception, as Israel's apologists always do, to anyone telling the truth about Israel's benign occupation, the 'most moral in the world' if its apologists are to be believed!

The New Statesman has an undeserved reputation for being a left-wing magazine although traditionally, it was the paper of Labour's imperialist wing under the Webbs and George Bernard Shaw.  The New Statesman has, in particular, always supported Zionist colonisation of Palestine.

We, the undersigned, urge all those who support the Palestinians and who care for freedom of speech and the press to Boycott the New Statesman as and until it restores Salah's article and gives a clear explanation of why it was taken down.

In the 1930's the NS censored George Orwell's dispatches from the Spanish Civil War in case they offended Joseph Stalin.  Let's remind the New Statesman that Stalin is now dead!

For more info see New Statesman Bows to Zionist Censorship as they Delete Article on Israel’s Occupation

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