Ban Greyhound Racing

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Irish greyhounds 'bred for the racing industry' are being forced to travel thousands of miles to countries where there are no welfare laws. Around 80% of dogs are sent to the UK from Ireland, but many later transported to countries like Pakistan to be used for racing, of where there are no animal welfare laws whatsoever to protect them from suffering and death. Irish, breeders/owners and trainers are also sending dogs to China where death is imminent. There seems to be no limits to what the racing industry are capable of, while disregarding the welfare of these highly sensitive dogs.

The Irish and UK government have failed to prevent dogs being transported to countries where animal welfare laws are non-existent, therefore we the undersigned believe that the government and the racing industry have made no effort to protect these dogs. We call for an outright ban on greyhound racing with effect from 2023. A phase out of 4 years to ensure a minimal amount of surplus dogs will remain in 2023.

The greyhound racing industry proves to be dependent on cruel practices. BAN IT NOW!!