Vote of No Confidence on behalf of the Eastern High School Community

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The concerned parents of the Eastern Regional School and residents in the communities that it serves call for the immediate resignation of Principal Robert Tull. Mr. Tull has demonstrated that he does not follow procedures, has jeopardized their safety and has failed to communicate with the police and parents, causing mass hysteria within our community.
We have had enough and are compelled to action. Our children deserve better.
He has not taken appropriate actions to keep our children safe and has withheld crucial information from law enforcement, taking a potentially life threatening situation into his own hands. Mr. Tull was approached by students and parents, directly and via written correspondence, that a student made threats to, "shoot up the school". 
The "see something, say something" protocol fell on deaf ears and caused those that reached out to the principal to lose all confidence in his leadership.
Mr. Tull had several opportunities to take action and do the right thing. Instead, when asked a direct question for clarification, he became evasive and made it very clear that he felt there was no wrong doing on his part.
This is not just one or two angry people complaining because they felt slighted. This is an entire community coming together for a collective mission because we are all affected and have one goal in common: the safety of our children.
We need help from our elected officials, including the Eastern School Board to act today. We can no longer accept that words about an "action plan" that may go into affect at some point. We need immediate action. Our elected officials including school board members need to step up and demonstrate that they are willing to do what they were voted in to do: Act in the BEST interest of our children and community. We call on them to help us provide our children with the safest possible learning environment where they can thrive. This begins with the removal of Mr. Tull. We will no longer remain silent. We are demanding that something be done! If our concerns are not addressed by the Eastern Regional Board of Education, we will make every effort to have you replaced in the upcoming November elections. We will protest, work tirelessly day and night to let every voter, present and future know that you ignored the community of Eastern Regional School District. We are the voices of the community and of our children and we will not be idle in our mission.

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