it’s their home too, save the animals!

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hello, this petition is to save our artic animals. this isn’t just our earth, it’s the animals too. Trump plans on starting oils drilling by jan 6, this will DESTROY species across the artic because of heat and their ice will melt.  we need to take responsibility! I care because it’s so sad to see species over species dying every day, and I always say to myself “there are charity’s and all that, other people are sorting it out” and yet not change. If your like me and say things like this, this if for you. By signing this petition, your are spreading an awareness about the artic animals, it’s very quick and with enough help, we can reach the Target! yes I know that this petition won’t save our animals  in a click. but what is does do, is educate more and more people. then it starts a chain of them telling their friends and so on. so please sign this petition if you want to see the artic  animals to begin thriving again. if you believe, you can achieve. thank you for your time.