Make cheerleading a sport in Sweden!

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*I know that this will probably not make the board change its mind, but we can come together to show that we CARE and hopefully put some pressure on them to rethink.*

Explanation of the situation: 

On May 26th, the Swedish Sports Federation will be voting on whether to accept the Swedish Cheerleading Associations application to become a member of Federation or not. The board has already suggested NOT to approve cheerleading as a member organization/sport. Again.

They don't seem to think that basketball and handball are too similar though because they have their own associations, as well as most other sports.

This is not the first time they have denied the Cheer Associations request. The reason why they don't want to approve the membership is that they think cheerleading "is too similar to gymnastics" and should, therefore, be a part of the Gymnastics Association. The Cheer Association already has a collaboration with the Gymnastics Assoc. and gets a small amount of money each year. That's it. We do not get any other financial support because we are not members.

It is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, yet almost none of the gyms has its own gym & equipment and can't approve everyone that want to start cheering because there aren't enough resources. Being a member organization could help provide more financial support and resources; for gyms, coaches, national teams and the sport overall.

The requirement to become a member is to have at least 1 500 athletes and 25 clubs/gyms. As of right now, we have almost 11 000 cheerleaders and 55 gyms in the country...

The Swedish Cheerleading Association is a member of International Cheer Union (ICU) and European Cheer Union (ECU). Our national teams have won 2x Bronze (Senior all-girl premier) and this year - GOLD in the Junior All-girl division.

We have teams competing at Worlds, ICU Worlds and The Summit every year.

This still doesn't seem to be enough.

Sign this if you want to support us in our effort to be considered our own organization.


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