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Renew the Contract of Shaykh Abdur Rahman Khan!

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Video clip of Shaykh Abdur Rahman pleading to us to stand up for our community!


My dear brothers and sisters in faith and goodness - We are Muslims - and Muslims stand up against all forms of oppression, irrespective of who the oppressed is; even if it means we lose the favor of some people in the process. How can we complain about oppression abroad if we do nothing about the injustices in our own community? We cannot, must not, and will not sit silently any longer.


Nobody wishes to have these types of things be the focal point in the month of Ramadan, let alone in the final days of this blessed time. Yet one has to wonder, have we lost sight of one of the most vital aspects of our deen; justice? This is not intended to create rifts, or amplify disputes between one side or another. This is beyond cultural boundaries and ethnic differences. This is about the application of BASIC Islamic principles, found in both the Qur'an and Sunnah .. the social aspects of Islam are among the most significant in implementation. This is a deen (way of life) of mercy and equality. This is a deen of haqq (truth) and honesty. We cannot complain in closed circles but then do nothing when the call for action is necessary. We need to not only seek forgiveness for our own mistakes and shortcomings, but we need to address the problems we are faced with today in the most Islamic ways, which entail courage, decency, and respect.


This is not a reactionary, short-lived, firecracker moment of change. This must be a sustained effort until the aforementioned Islamic tenets are the core of our community, insha'Allah.


 If today we do nothing, then tomorrow our children will wonder why.


Shaykh Abdur Rahman is one of the the most down to earth, caring, and honest Imams that most of us have ever known in our lives. We are tired of the authoritarian rule that has governed Islamic Foundation for many years and are petitioning that his contract is renewed IMMEDIATELY. Not only has the method by which they have decided to let him go been a total shame upon them, but it is a clear indication that they do NOT care even the slightest bit about the thoughts and wishes of the community. The foundation of the masjid is comprised of sweat and tears of the WHOLE community, not just a select group of men. Truth be told - Islamic Foundation IS our masjid, and it IS our right and duty to stand against that which is unjust. This is not the masjid (in its current state) that we hoped to raise our children to - let us begin the process by getting our voice out there. This is not just about Shaykh Abdur Rahman being brought back. This is merely a beginning step towards positive, Islamic change. May Allah protect us from the fitna of oppression, slander, and may He protect us from the hypocrisy of silence when we are capable of speaking out against injustices as such. We ask Him for His blessings in this path, and that this be the beginning of the change we wish to see in our community. Aameen.

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