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Remove Gender Classifications from MarvelStore merchandise

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  • Marvel are doing well when it comes to gender equality in comics. 
  • This has been followed up with women being better represented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and on Marvel TV too and whilst there are still some areas where they could do better (dire damsel in distress posters for Thor the Dark World? Lack of women characters announced for Marvel Live?) in general things are improving a great deal and this has not gone unnoticed.  More and more women are finding it easier to become comic book fans.  It is no longer the case that a woman in a comic book shop will cause gasps of amazement or sneers of ridicule (what ever the Big Bang Theory may make you believe).
  • But there is something that is making a lot of people angry that can be easily fixed - the items in the MarvelStore are individiually labelled as for boys or girls/women or men and that is just plain ridiculous.
  • We would like to see the gender labelling removed from the items in the Marvel store -
  • This is a particular problem when it comes to children's clothes, yes, an argument could be made that women and men are different shapes, therefore sometimes it is useful to have a gender label, but kids just come in kid size - what fits a boy will fit a girl too.
  • Women and girls want to be able to wear those S.H.I.E.L.D. t-shirts, Thor hoodies and Hulk costumes without feeling alienated by the descriptions on the website.
  • It isn't that the website is sectioned into a men's department or a women's department, within which a lot of the same apparel can be found, it's that the departments are not gender specific, and yet the items themselves are labelled as such.
  • There are currently 18 items listed as clothes for adults.  16 are labelled as being for men, and include classic Marvel imagery and wording. 2 are labelled for women and both contain the words 'girl power'.
  • There are 43 items in the 'Clothes for Kids' section only ONE of them is not labelled 'for boys'
  • As far as we can tell the Y chromosome has no bearing on a person's ability to wear or use any of the items in the store.

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