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Stop the legal killing of wildlife, STOP TROPHY HUNTING

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There are lot of wonders in the world and among them are wildlife species, such as bears, mountain goats, wolves, and deer. Most people think that there is an abundance of wildlife species in the world, but the truth is, their numbers are dwindling and if nothing is done about it, these species might become endangered and extinct.

Our aim is to give this major issue. This illegal act can produce a massive effect to the animal kingdom. The species that are victims of this illegal hunting is at the peak of extinction. We would like to preserve and protect these species with the help of concerned organizations, citizens, and government.

The global wildlife population has decreased by 52% between 1970 and 2014. According to a report by the World Wildlife Fund. Wildlife can be found in all ecosystems. They all have distinct forms of wildlife. Usually refers to animals that are untouched by human, yet most people agree that the wildlife is affected by human activities. Over millions of years, the rapid rise in human population and the corresponding demand for resources, the global warming and the holes in the ozone layer had a dramatic impact on nature and affect the whole planet, and the habitat destruction that made the individual species threaten and made them things to adapt. Our group aims to create petition, a Facebook group and a blog to achieve our goals. We will be creating other related information connected to the petition we will create. The scope of our project is to be able to reach the school’s administration, parents, teachers and students to sign our petition.

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