We want reliable access to water

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We, the residents in Skerries, have not been receiving adequate and reliable access to water for the past 4 years. As of Thursday June 7, 2018, we have had no water for 5 days and we are told this will be indefinite. Just in the past 8 months we have experienced over 20 days of severe water shortages or outright water outages, leaving thousands of people without a drop of water in their homes. The previous water outage was in March 2018 and it lasted for 5 days. 

To make matters worse, Fingal County continues to build homes in the very area that is impacted, thus further inflicting new home owners with this problem and exacerbating an existing issue the infrastructure ostensibly can't handle. 

Irish Water is responsible for providing the water supply & build the infrastructure to support it, and they have failed provide residents with adequate notices to such issues and a clear plan on when this water ban will be lifted.

It is unequivocally abhorrent that in a country like Ireland there are places where people cannot access water unrelated to climate and natural disasters. Water is a basic human right we the people of Skerries are entitled to this right. 


Please contact Coral Movasseli, creator and manager of this page, directly for follow up information re the petition's continued efforts.