Tax free earnings for all healthcare workers during Covid-19 crisis

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This is a really great opportunity for the Irish government to show its sincere appreciation for the selfless work that all healthcare workers are doing right now.

As the majority of the population has been told to stay home, with the Government promising to pay most people to not work, our nursing staff are being asked to step up, work exhausting shifts and compromise not only their own health but, potentially, that of their own family.

People who have left the profession or retired are being asked to return, this can compromise their pensions or social welfare payments as it would be regarded as taxable income. 

If income tax was suspended for all healthcare workers from the date of the start of this being declared a national emergency, until the crisis is over, then it would show how much their efforts are valued.

They are tasked with working exhausting hours, under unimaginably difficult circumstances and they do it, because they care about us, let’s show that we care about them.

It would certainly boost morale. We are all in this together.....please sign.