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Support for a border poll/referendum on a United Ireland.

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This Is a petition, aimed at the govermnets of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, stormont and the European parlament to allow an all Ireland Border poll to take place on the re-unification of Ireland where, as promised & stated in the good Friday Agreement, that the People of Ireland, North & south would be allowed to exercise their right to determine the future of their country.

On the 23rd of June 2016, The UK voted to leave the European Union, even though the people of the north of Ireland & Scotland clearly voted the remain in the EU. The Scottish national party Has declared it will begin a new campaign for a second referendum on Scottish independence, and The Irish nationalists party Sinn Fein Immediately demanded a border poll to take place for the people of the north to exercise their right to remain in the EU by re-joining the Irish republic and form a united ireland with EU membership.

In the past, it was said that a United Ireland would never happen, as the British government along with Ulster unionists political leaders stated that the northern 6 counties will never leave the UK and the vast majority of people in the north are unionists who consider themselves "British".

 But the myth of a Unionst majority in the north has been shattered with the Sinn Fein nationalist party winning 27 seats in the northern Irish parlament and along with the SDLP winning 12, have for the first time in history ended the unionists overall majority in Governmnet, who in the past were involved in state-sponsored discrimination against Irish people, sectarianism and rigging/gerrymandering Elections to ensure a Unionist victory.

with times changing, we demand that the Irish Governmnet, British Governmnet & northern Irish assembly all work together to organise a boarder poll on the island of Ireland and, if the results show that the overall majority of people support the idea of the north re-joining the republic, a referendum on the matter should be allowed take place soon after...

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