Legalization Of Cannabis In Ireland

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Cannabis use should be leglised in this country all across the bord . While some people see it as 'a dangerous drug' they dont realise that the alchohol they drink with their dinner is far more dangerous than smoking the plant. It is hard to comprehend how alchohol is legal but cannabis use is seen as criminal, for example on a night out in town we have seen drunk girls literally passed out on the floor or throwing up on a car, on the street, in the club/bar, we have seen fights between drunk people or drunk people threatning others with violence, we have seen drunk people vandalising the city, people die and cause deaths cause of alchohol Meanwhile the cannabis user whom while under the effects of cannabis the biggest threat he or she could present to is cake or some nice dinner. The cannabis user someone who pays taxes, goes to work/college... etc is put into jail and given an unafordable bill for just sitting on the couch watching a movie while enjoying nature as cannabis is nothing but a plant, or being parked by the beach enjoying the view while enjoyining cannabis, without bothering anyone or causing any trouble. Methadone is legal in this country along with tabacoo, alcohol and many dangerous perscription medication that brings long term affects including addiction and opens a gate way to other drugs.

It is incredible how we are ignoring the multiple uses  the cannabis plant has, all beneficial from medical to material. Because this world sadly works around money big pharmaceutical companies make billions for producing lethal 'medicines' which are extremelly expensive and literally destroy the body, a pharmaceutical company doesnt want cured patients but costumers!! Cannabis has PROVEN TO CURE CANCER, REDUCE NEUROLOGICAL IMPAIRMENT, RELAX MUSCLES (ANTIPASMODIC), PREVENT MIGRAINED, TREATS GLAUCOMA, TREATS ADD, ADHD, ACTS AS ANTI-PSYCHOTIC and much more, cannabis oil could be a thousend times more effective than chemotherapy! For too long in this country people who suffer from various birth defects have been criminalized for seeking the only thing they can to help them which is cannibonoid induced medication to stop seizures, breakdowns, panic attacks and may more.

Moving on from medical uses cannabis also MAKES BIO-DEGRADABLE PLASTIC, PAPER, FUEL, SOLVENTS, LUBRICANTS, INDUSTRIAL TEXTILES, CONSUMER TEXTILES BULDING MATERIALS, COULD END DEFORESTATION, COULD END DEPENDENCE ON OIL, GAS AND COAL. IT CAN BE GROWN ALMOST EVERYWHERE. The Dutch cannabis market brings in over 600 million euro a year in tax revenue, in the state of Colorado alone, they hit a record by accumulating 1.5billion dollars in cannabis sales, now bare in mind Colorado has a population of 5.6 million people. The Republic of Ireland has a population of 4.7 million people (if you include Northern Ireland that makes 6.7 million people compared to Colorado’s 5.6. The projected revenue for cannabis in California for 2018 is 3.7 billion dollars and it’s looking very much so that it will go even further than that number. The profit from cannabis alone is a great factor as to why we need it in our economy.

Cannabis is a health issues more than anything else just as alcohol and nicotine is, cannabis being illegal excentuates criminality in this country. Crime has statistically droped massively in any place it has become legal. Drug laws regarding weed make criminals out of ordinary hard working people. Alcohol kills people. Methadone/foy kills people, tobacco kills people, prescription drugs kill me people, anti depressants in this country are at an epidemic and cause more harm that good. We need to act on this for the good of Irish people, over 10 % of Irish adults are on anti depressants, putting their liver damage aside that any tablet will cause you I do not believe anti depressants to be good for your mental health in the long run, it takes the pain away but also takes the joy with it, leaving a numbing feeling and above all else addictive leading the user to again open a gateway for different prescribed drugs. Yes drugs actual drugs. 


It is time that we the people of Ireland campaign against the full decriminalization and legalization of cannabis in our country for the many reasons that it needs to be legal. In doing so I also hope we can open the back door in the near future for the criminalization of tobacco, and even methadone.. for some that may not know methadone is far more addictive than herion and logically a user will not stop taking Herion instead he/she will want the best of both worlds. It’s killing our people and is needless in society. But that’s another topic, the point at hand is getting cannabis legal. For the many health issues for people who need it medically, for the evidence that some people can kill cancer cells in their body with the use of cannabis , for the financial aspect and the major influx of tourism and capital coiming into our economy, for the crime that comes hand in hand with the goverments view on cannabis, for the depressed people who find life unbareable and cannabis seems to be the only thing that can help them, for the alcoholics who have got off the drink from substituting it with cannabis, for the stigma that cannabis smokers are “junkies” “low lifes” ect ect. And for some people’s enjoyment, for an experience that many people won’t get because it’s is deemed illegally and they have no access to it. 

We only get to live in this planet once. It is 2018 , I think it is about time we stop the way cannabis is treated in our country and let people live how they choose to live in a much safer monitored way. It will never go away it will always be there, it’s time to do the right thing and acknowledge the fact many people use this plant. We can’t make it go away but we can compassionately condone those who choose to use it be it recreationally, medically or maybe just to simply try it for a new experience.

The Green Party are pro cannabis and are in favor of opening “Amsterdam style coffee shops” which I think is a great idea that we should push Fine Gael to adopt. The Green Party mentioned that it should be legal for all citizens over 18 years of age, I personally disagree with that and would say 21 years of age for full brain development, however that it’s a topic for another time in the near future. 

Have compassion for your fellow country men and women today and support this appeal for a referendum on the legalization of cannabis use in this country. 

 God Bless.


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