End Ireland’s Hare Coursing nightmare!

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Ireland's Heritage Minister will be responsible for deciding whether or not to grant a license permitting almost five months of live hare coursing in Ireland. The Heritage Minister in the last government granted the license, but the new Minister can, if he so chooses; withdraw the license.

This petition calls on the Minister to do exactly that: to act without delay to end the horror of this blood sport that shames Ireland.

Throughout the coursing season, hares are mauled, battered and flung about like broken toys at venues nationwide.

Here is footage of one event, secretly filmed as “unauthorized photography” is prohibited at coursing fixtures. The action was filmed in County Limerick on Sunday 19 November 2017. It shows hares being terrorised, struck multiple times and mauled into the ground by the dogs.

This is typical of ALL such “sporting” events.  The footage demonstrates why the coursing license must be withdrawn IMMEDIATELY: