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Town Park turned into Chamber of Horrors!

John Fitzgerald
Kilkenny, Ireland

Jan 7, 2018 — Each year in January, the town park in Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland, is taken over by a hare coursing club, which "rules" it for a six week period.

The coursers bring in captured hares and set pairs of dogs on them for their two day event. The hares are terrorised, mauled, tossed about, or have their bones crushed as fans laugh, mark their betting cards, or swig from hip flasks.

Many locals object to the use of the town park for their sickening cruelty, but every year the politically well connected coursing club is able to brush aside these objections.

In the weeks leading up to the coursing event, "heavies" can be seen patrolling the town park like police, watching and guarding the compound containing the captive hares. Anyone who gets too near the terrified animals awaiting coursing day are warned off.

At the coursing event itself no photography or filming is allowed by the club. Yesterday (January 6th) three animal welfare observers tried to film the action. Their camera was switch on and rolling for just minutes when they were encircled by a gang of fans shouting insults and threats.

Even when police arrived and said the observers were legally entitled to film, the harassment continued and fans blocked attempts to film the coursing.

Please leave a message on the Facebook page of Millstreet town, urging an end to the use of its town park for cruel hare coursing, a "sport" that all animal protection groups in Ireland are campaigning to have banned by law.

Here is the page:

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