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A major inspiration in the gaming community has been arrested. His name is Voksi. He's been a beacon of light to those not so fortunate. He is a good-natured, kind, talented young man who's life is in the hands of 'The System' now. All we ask is for some consideration to this young man's future. A curious, kind soul who's helped many unfortunate video game players. Not a 'criminal' who sells drugs, preys on children, or causes terror in any way. So please do not treat him as such! 

Many of us do not know how we can help! Bulgaria is a far away place for 99% of us. We do not know it's law. So let's make our voices heard. It's the only way most of us can help right now. We only ask Irdeto not to ruin this young man's life.  

 "So, as many of you noticed, REVOLT is down since yesterday and redirecting to some bullshit site.

It finally happened, I can't say it wasn't expected, Denuvo filed a case against me to the bulgarian authorities. Police came yesterday and took the server pc and my personal PC. I had to go to the police afterwards and explain myself. Later that day I contacted Denuvo themselves and offered them a peacful resolution to this problem. They can't say anything for sure yet, but they said the final word is by the prosecutor of my case." -Voksi