Ipswich Citizens opposed to Essex Rd. Proposal

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The Proposed 40b development on Essex Road of 194 units is grotesquely inappropriate and incompatible with the goals of the Town of Ipswich as stated in it's Housing Production Plan. This development would put a huge strain on the town's traffic, police and safety infrastructure as well as its already overburdened water supply, and other services. It would require dozens and dozens of overrides of the towns regulations and bylaws including water use, traffic, environmental and wetlands regulations. 

Massachusetts 40b law states that a town's zoning board can reject or require changes to a 40b proposal that has adverse effects "concerning matters of building construction and design, siting, zoning, health, safety, environment and the like". This has been affirmed in cases appearing before the Massachusetts Housing Appeals Committee. The law also states that the town's other administrators and boards should advise the zoning board on these matters. 

We strongly encourage the Ipswich's Zoning Board to do everything in its power to halt this development or at minimum to limit its scope to make it less detrimental to the town. We also encourage the Town Moderator, Select Board, Conservation Committee, Planning Board and other town officials to assist in this effort.