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To Speak the truth as to whom wrote the document Operation review

Operation Review is a document made by the Police and IPCC hours after My son was murdered in a racist attack, The Uncle of the killer was involved in making this appalling document he is a police officer/FLO whom was also allowed to work on the murder case during the golden hours when evidance is at it's peek. This document which was soley made for the purpose of slandering Lee My late son an Myself to the press and the judges involved. The IPCC are now denying any knowledge of this horrifying report and lay blame at the Northumbria police departments door, For Seven Years I have been fighting for the truth no one should have to live through this Please sign this petition if Your against the Police and IPCC abusing and using their powers for corruption against a victims of racism and their loved ones who fight bravely on for the truth.

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