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Bill Dix Must Resign as Iowa Senator Immediately

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On July 18, 2017, a jury ruled in favor of Kirsten Anderson, a former communications director for the Iowa Senate Republicans.

In May 2013, hours after submitting documentation detailing her concerns about sexual harassment in the workplace, Anderson was fired.  She spoke up about what was happening in the statehouse on several other occasions, but her complaints and concerns to supervisors fell on deaf ears multiple times.

She filed a lawsuit in 2014, suing both the State of Iowa and the Senate Republican Caucus. Anderson had accused her male supervisors of ignoring a "boys' club" culture at the Statehouse that fostered rampant sexual harassment. 

Several Republican staffers testified during the trial, supporting Anderson's claim of ongoing inappropriate behavior.  Many of them admitted to not speaking up previously for fear of retaliation

Bill Dix, R-Shell Rock, was the Iowa Senate Minority Leader at the time.  He is currently Iowa Senate Majority Leader.

Twenty-four hours after the jury reached their verdict, only one Republican Senator has called on Dix to resign.  State Sen. Rick Bertrand, R-Sioux City, told the Des Moines Register, "Senator Dix has a pattern of retaliation, we all know that, and unfortunately power has that effect on some people, and this jury did not believe that Ms. Anderson was justly fired, and ultimately her dismissal was Bill Dix’s decision, and that lack of judgment has consequences," Bertrand said.

Iowa voters, it is time for Bill Dix to take responsibility for his poor decisions and leave office immediately!

He has supported a "boys' club" culture for too long. His lack of leadership, refusal to investigate any allegations, and failure to provide a safe work environment have led to a toxic workplace costing far too many employees emotional distress. His lack of leadership has also cost state taxpayers $2.2 million, as a result of a justified court case. 

Not only did the jury award Anderson the full amount requested, they added $1 million to the damages on their own accord. This is unprecedented. 

It is time for all Iowa Senators to demand the resignation of Bill Dix. Due to his well-known reputation of retaliation, that is only going to happen if we, the voters, demand of our own legislators that Dix step down from public office and agree to never run again.

Please sign the petition demanding Bill Dix be held accountable for the toxic culture at the Statehouse by resigning his Senate seat effective immediately. 

Please share this petition with others to create swift change based on the jury's overwhelming decision in favor of Kirsten Anderson.

In addition to Dix, these individuals were also mentioned in the suit:

  • Eric Johansen and Ed Failor - two of Dix's top staffers
  • Jim Friedrich, a harassment offender still employed with the State
  • Former Republican state senator Shawn Hamerlinck, of Dewitt, now a Clinton County Supervisor

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