Warcraft game developers, give Highmountain tauren the /moo emote.

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The Highmountain tauren "no moo emote" issue is a serious one. We dedicated tauren take issue with the lack of mooing.

It's understood that tauren aren't the most popular Horde race. It's also understood that most Alliance players couldn't care less whether the Highmountain tauren have a /moo emote.

But this isn't a matter of fandom, furdom, lore, factions, fursonas, or even immersion. It's a simple case of giving players what they want--in this case, something that doesn't affect non-tauren players, doesn't detract from gameplay, and doesn't give tauren any type of advantage.

This is neither trolling nor a joke. It is a serious petition asking for your serious attention.

The most popular argument argument is: Highmountain tauren are more mooselike than cowlike. We understand this. It's a change from "standard" tauren to something different and new.

But if that's the case, why do the Highmountain tauren make cow puns like their "standard" tauren brothers and sisters? Why should their outward mooselike appearance matter, when their hearts and spirits are bovine by nature?

We submit that Highmountain tauren are indeed cows at heart. Yes, they appear more mooselike than cowlike, possessing antlers in place of the recognizable cow horns--but this small aesthetic difference doesn't change the fact that we are all tauren under the skin.

You have taken the time and effort to create this new race. By pleasing your players and tauren supporters, it is a win-win situation. You will see the fruits of your labor pay off, and we tauren will be satisfied and happy...not to mention grateful that you heard our request and took action.

We don't play tauren for their physical beauty, superior /silly feature, or stunning racial abilities. We play tauren because we love cows. Mooing is an inextricable aspect of the cow persona. It's part of what makes us who we are. It's an important part of our unique appeal. It's vital to our personalities and identities.

We play in a world of demons and wizards and spacegoats and little veggie pets who fight in mini-battles with dragon whelps. We have flying cities, snarky imps, and Old Gods. We have wolf-people riding horses and cows riding dinosaurs.

So the "realism" argument (i.e., "moose don't moo") is irrelevant. Do we play wow for a "realistic" experience, or do we play wow for a fun and immersive escape from drab reality?

Give Highmountains the option to /moo, as well as something like /moose for players who wish to enjoy the moosier aspects of belonging to Moo-la Highmoo-ntain's tribe. If certain Highmountain tauren wish to /moose instead of /moo, that is their choice, and we support their decision.

But give us the natural voices of our proud people. We appeal to your sense of social justice, fair play, and dedication to pleasing your loyal fans and players.

Furthermore, we appeal to everyone...not just to tauren friends and co-players, but to ALL wow players, Alliance and Horde alike, who would be saddened by losing their beloved class or race individuality. Join with us. Stand with us. Support us in our cause. Especially if you have friends who love their cows, I humbly ask you to support our efforts to reclaim our race's special voice.

This is a small thing to ask. It has no great bearing on gameplay or the world at large. It's simply a matter of a player demographic so dedicated to their cherished tauren who stand to lose so much from a seemingly insignificant change.

It matters to us. This is an important issue that must be resolved.

Sometimes the little things are the most vital. Wow devs, you'd lose nothing by giving us our /moo...and by doing so, you'd earn the respect and appreciation of an entire generation of tauren people. We look to you for the restoration of our people's ancient call.

The choice is yours.

We beseech you to hear us.



Respectfully submitted,

Druid, Bloodhoof Tribe.