Help save the jobs of the guys and girls at the southland recycling Centre

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So this is my brother Paul Burtenshaw he was born with a birth defect , born naturally when should have been born via c-section . This guy and many people like him love their jobs (as you can tell) they work at the southland recycling Centre well for now at least, the councils want to take this away from them, as of next July 2019 Paul and all the other amazingly special guys and girls that work down there will not have a job because the Council have not renewed the wastenet contract with SdE and have put it out to tender . If the council give the contract to another party what is going to happen to all the employees / my brother - Council have a moral responsibility in this. Is the council going to give southland disabilities enterprises other contracts to keep all those employees with disabilities employed! .These guys work their butt off day in day out always having a smile on their face even when they are sorting your recycling and even when finding dead animals,drug utensils,used sanitary items etc .
Where will these guys go ?? What will they have to look forward to everyday?? These guys don't get an option on where they will work or what they will do because they are not counted as normal , define normal??
PLEASE SHARE THIS ........ so we can keep these guys their jobs that they love so much�