Creating an action towards unfair Intramuros Pedicab drivers

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We all know that pedicabs have been a big help to our society because whenever we have to go somewhere, we ride in pedicabs to reach our destination as easy as possible. Some ride in pedicabs for them to save energy, some use it instead of E-trike and horse carriage (kalesa), because of the availability and the transportation fee, others use it when they are too tired to walk. Pedicabs are important to our lives, especially for the tourists and students. One place I know where pedicabs are very visible is inside Intramuros. Walled City of Intramuros is one of the major tourist spot in the Philippines. It is the oldest district and the historic core of Manila. Aside from its historical sites, schools are also built in the city. And because Intramuros is a tourist spot, a lot of foreigners use pedicabs to explore Intramuros but the problem here is that, they take advantage of it because there is no fixed prices for fare.


Intramuros pedicab drivers set unfair rates and fares that is needed to be addressed by the Intramuros Administration. The drivers rate and fare is two to three times higher than the minimum fare in the approved fare of Intramuros Administration which is only 20 pesos. Pedicab driver does not even consider a 20% discount for students and PWD. During rainy season, since there are some parts in Intramuros that roads is low leveled that causes floods, they take advantage of that and make agreements with the passenger then afterwards after finishing the trip, driver's complain that it is hard to overpass the flood so they will ask for an additional fare, where's the agreement now?. From the arc of Intramuros near Letran to Mapua University 40 pesos is asked by the driver. While when riding an e-trike you can go anywhere in Intramuros within their route for about 20-25 pesos.


Be fair on all customers:
The prices of some pedicab drive increase even If it's a short travel. To fix this problem, pedicab drivers should implement a legal minimum price for all their passengers to be fair on both passenger and pedicab driver. The price will only increase by a certain amount when the destination gets farther. Also prices must be constant throughout, whether it's raining or not to avoid pedicab drivers abusing prices when it's raining.

Giving discounts:
Pedicab drivers should consider giving discounts on students, PWD and the elderly passengers. Some pedicab drives are overpricing the students who will be late in their class. Since the student is on a hurry they have no choice but to agree on the said price, that is why pedicab driver should consider giving a discount.

Giving Tickets:
Pedicab drivers overprice raids, reasons are because it's raining or the road is off condition. By giving tickets or receipt that will indicate where they came from, where they are going and how much they needed to pay. It will serve as a tool to avoid overpricing drivers and help monitor the pricing of pedicab drivers.

Give guidelines :
Pedicab drivers should have a fair matrix system. This will ensure a fair price for the passenger. By giving fair matrix system that indicates how much can you pay for ever kilometers of the raid this will help students, elderly and tourists by giving us information about how much can we pay for every kilometer of the raid.

Registered on its local distinct:
All Pedicab drivers should be registered in their respective locations. This will ensure that prices stay fair  and consistent. Also, to know if the Pedicab driver is fair with prices. Every public transportations needs its own association.

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