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Fiber Optic Internet Service Providers

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Fiber optic is the latest innovation in the provision of internet connection. Instead of the traditional method, it utilizes light that travels through glass cables. The ability of light to travel 100 times faster than electricity results in internet connection speed that no other access technology can match. Since fiber optic internet requires installation of special cables, it is currently offered by select local service providers in major cities alone. Here are the top fiber optic internet service providers in the USA.


AT&T offers the U-Verse GigaPower that promises internet speed of up to 1GBps. Based on their press release, users will be able to download 25 songs in 1 second, an HD TV show in 3 seconds or an HD movie in 36 seconds. Customers can opt to get the internet service alone or get it with the television and voice services.  The plan is available for a monthly payment of $70 for the internet service alone, $120 for internet and television service and $150 for internet, television and phone.

The U-Verse GigaPower service availability continues to expand and they have been offered to 11 new territories in November of 2015.


The fastest Verizon Fios fiber optic plan promises download and upload speed of 500Mbps. With this internet speed, subscribers can upload 200 full quality photos in just 4 seconds and download an HD movie in 1.4 minutes. The price for the internet service with the fastest speed is $264.99. The price differs depending on the speed desired by the customer and it is also available as a package with television and voice services.

Verizon Fios is currently offered in 20 cities and their surrounding areas in 13 states across the country.

Google Fiber

Google is one of the newest players in the fiber optic internet market and is currently available to 9 locations only. The 1Gbps internet speed that they offer is priced at $70/month and $130/month for the internet plus TV bundle. Since they started in 2012, the response of the people to their internet service has been overpowering. Because of this, they are striving to expand their service area and offer their internet service to more people.

Although fiber optic internet service is only available to select locations, customers can go to their respective websites to check if the high-speed internet service is available in their area. They even have an email service that will inform potential customers if the fiber internet will be available in their area.

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