Name Element 115 "Elerium"

Name Element 115 "Elerium"

February 26, 2014
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International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and
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Started by Martin Zulliger

The recently discovered superheavy Element 115 (given the temporary name Ununpentium) is yet to be named. It was first synthesized in 2003 at the Dubna laboratory (Russia), however it did not meet the criteria for discovery set by the IUPAC, and hence it was not assigned a permanent name.

This changed in September 2013, when the Element was successfully confirmed by a team of German scientists from the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research.

This element is widely known within the sci-fi and UFO community, since, according to ufologist Bob Lazar, it is used by alien engines to generate anti-gravity and propulsion.

This was later taken by the Gollop brothers, the creators of the videogame UFO: Enemy Unknown in 1994 and given the amazing name of Elerium-115. In the game, Elerium is the main power source and propellant of alien technology. 

The game, considered as one of the best ever made, puts the player in charge of X-COM, an international, top secret, paramilitary organization that fights the alien invasion. The powerful game engine features battlefield tactics, research, engineering, economy, international relations, and much more.

Although the claimed properties of Elerium have not yet been proven and are likely fictional, the UFO franchise has single handedly inspired a generation to look into the unknown, to explore and to experience in a very realistic way how would it be to face an enemy far more advanced and intelligent than the human race.

In the UFO: Enemy Unknown series, the whole mankind has to stand together and fight as one, in order to pass the hardest test it has ever faced.

Elerium represents the hopes of a generation, the dream of a united world, and the struggle for human survival, and now, in its 20 anniversary, we propose the Element 115 to be named Elerium.

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This petition had 60 supporters

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