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International Medical Graduate seeking Residency Training in USA. CONGRESS CALL

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Most of International medical graduates who came to the United state were unable to match to any residency training have suffered tremendous loss in their life. Those physicians graduated from highly competitive universities in their home countries some of them had a full residency training in their countries or they chose to come to USA without residency training. The American Aystem ( AAMC) and American Council of Graduate Medical Education have set the selection criteria for the residency training programs to intentionally abandon any Internationally trained or old graduated physicians from entering into Residency training in the Americans universities. They set a cut off for the year of graduation of 2-5 Years after witch you will not be offered any residency training. Not only this, they stigmatized against you & give you the label of “ Old IMGs”. If you carry this title. So this petition is awake up call for you, you have been flagged by this system to never ever receive any invitations for interviews and you will never make it up to the residency except if you signed a petition like this to get a congress order to change these violations. Old IMGs, you lift with only option is to repeat Medical school in USA (4 yrs) plus 2 yrs premed bachelor degree & get MCAT. To change this criteria, you need legal order by court or congress to end this absurdity. 

In United Kingdom, you can practice right after you pass the speciality exams of your training. Say you are trained surgeon in your home country, in order to practice in UK all what you need to do is to pass the first part membership of royal collage of surgery & English efficiency proof ( ILETs) in order to be eleigible to apply for the job as a surgeon in UK. ( not to repeat your residency!! Not to study USMLE ! Basics science !!). UK is treating physicians with dignity more than USA! 

Because this unfair selection process of the American residency training programs, most of IMGs who graduated after cut limit (5-6 yr) are abandoned from continuing their career here in the USA. They have been struggling year after year to get in any residency training & the competition is getting harder year after year. These MD holder simply forgotten in the USA and they are highly qualified to provide patient care but the bureaucracy ends their dreams. No one cares about them, not even the media. They were lift to struggle silently - fall in the deep depression and guilt of failures, & worse hopeless to help themselves.

Listen my Friends, we need to take the courage and let our own voices heard at the congress and speak out loud even if we will protest to get our rights to work. I have solution in the middle for both sides, what if the AAMC created a accelerated program’s in each medical school “by congress order”, to accept certain number of unmatched IMGs ( who either an American citizens or Permanent resident), pay tutition fees to get enrollment into core clinical curriculum ( 2yrs), they get graduates. Repeating a two yrs of medical school is u pleasant for fully trained MD graduate but we need to be fair to the Americans graduates as well and to the system. Unfortunately, in order to petition the congress to change law, you have to be American Citizen or Permanent resident.  

We need this petition to reach to the highest authority possible ( White House, Congress and beyond) we as IMGS need to deliver our voices to the whole world and speak loud for our struggle to say STOP THIS FRAUD AGAISNT US.

By this petition we are asking the AAMC and the American congress to hear our voice and create special accelerated program in all American Medical schools to allow IMGs to get admitted into American Medical school specially they have USMLE already. 

The dental schools already have this permission for International dental graduates, they can apply to American dental schools to spent two years and pay the tutition fees to be granted graduation from American school. This will solve IMGs problem and will help the system make them participate by their money and effort to be participate in building medical system. 

For all who share this story, sign and send this link to every one. Let us speak loud for ourselves.


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