say NO to ocean pollution

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Our planet is dying and every second it gets worse. Many people in the world believe that the oceans' water doesn't have any value because of the amount of salt that it contains but it is actually one of the biggest ecosystems and most of the generated oxygen comes from there.

Every day tons of wastes are thrown into the oceans, they pollute them and affect to all the people who benefit from them. Many animals with the ocean as their habitat suffer the consequences because they confuse the wastes with their food, which makes them die. And not only that, because some toxic substances pollute the water, affecting entire cultures.

Because of all these situations that are surpassing the quality of human and animal life we have to be interested in it, because even if we are not close to the oceans or if we don't live on the coasts, the problem affects to everyone and one way or another we depend of the oxygen that is generated in the oceans and also of the food that comes from there.

The scientific communities play a very important role because they open the door to new discoveries. Recently, they created a bacterium (Ideonella sakaiensis.) that is able to digest and assimilate the plastic, the bacteria can live feeding of plastic.

We must find more solutions to accelerate the oceans cleaning process. First of all, programs and campaigns for the oceans' care should be executed, allowing to manage well the wastes and the final disposition of chemical products. Reduce water pollution mainly from industries. Recycle with the wastes creating new products. From our homes we must generate a change in the community. Teach everyone around us how important it is to keep the oceans alive. Make actions such as stop using plastic, straws and bags and reuse the bottles as much as possible.

It is very important to support organizations such as The International Maritime Organization (IMO), Oceana, Sea Sepherd Conservation Society and others that protect the environment.

The planet belongs to everyone and we must be worried even for the smallest place, because it is our future that is in danger.