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Stop Arctic Destruction - Stop Climate Criminals

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Prosecute the President of USA, Donald Trump and Federal Government for its reckless and criminal environmental destruction and ban the Arctic Drilling

Your honourable president of the International Criminal Court;
We hereby send you a formal request to prosecute President Donald Trump and the Federal Government for crimes against humanity and the environment.

Since he took seat as president the damage to the environment has been devastating.

Last week the senate has approved the Arctic Drilling of the Arctic refuge, the main habitat of the Polar Bears, Wolves, Caribous and several other species.

This is affecting the whole world and its inhabitants.

The international bodies must stop President Trump from committing these crimes against humanity and the environment.

Several laws have been passed exposing vulnerable species for shameless culling, including hibernating bears and wolves and mustangs. This is a crime against wildlife!

At the end of January he broke the Tribal-Land-Rights of the Native American people by allowing the North Dakota pipeline project to proceed.

Only a few weeks later there occurred a devastating oil spill which contaminated the drinking water of the native American lands. He is throwing a peaceful people to prison for speaking against him or defending only their land rights.

This is not justice!

This is oppression of basic human rights for freedom of opinion and speech.

The Native American Indians are one of the most oppressed people on the planet and the current American population are inhabiting their lands, not the opposite. We ask respectfully for you to examine carefully the rights of their lands and to return the majority of it to the rightful owners, the American Indians tribal peoples. Including access to equal school system, health care and other social benefits enjoyed by the occupying people of the United States of America.

We trust you as the International Criminal Court to use your power and prevent him from doing more damage.

He must be prosecuted for his crimes like any other citizen in this world would be and his government passing these laws must be held accountable. We are asking the countries who have signed the Paris Climate Agreement to introduce immediate trade blocks towards USA until this matter is solved.

When the Arctic is gone we are gone also and you can't reverse it.

Sincerely yours

The concerned citizens of the world

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