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Investigate finances/income/salaries Bulgarian Cricket. 15 yrs aid fm ICC 1 BCF field?

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Cricket is my passion. I became involved last August hoping to help with development.

I discovered that despite being formed 15 years ago the Bulgarian Cricket Federation has made very little progress in developing the sport, indeed they seem to have held back the development with covert racism and sexual misconduct.

Fifteen years of aid from the International Cricket Council and little to show.  There is one privately owned cricket ground being developed in Central Bulgaria, the BCF have stated they do not have a budget for ground development. The National Sports Academy in Sofia has an artificial cricket pitch. That was until two years ago used by 5 clubs in Sofia. Those clubs were suspended by the BCF following a vote of no confidence in the BCF Chairman. Democracy at work?

An Asian coach, once employed by the BCF, his contract terminated with no reason supplied started a club for disabled children. He even took them to Old Trafford, Lancashire County Cricket, to attend a Disabled Children's Cricket Tournament.  Shortly afterwards the BCF demanded money. He could not afford it and so he had no choice but to close this facility.

The Chairman of the BCF whilst employed as a sports lecturer at the NSA was caught by a TV film crew in a hotel room to which he had invited a student. He told the girl he could help her pass her exams if she paid him or gave him sex.  This appeared on BG TV. He was sacked by the BCF but remained as head of BCF.

I could continue however it would make this explanation tediously long!