Ban home Cricket in New Zealand following terror attack in Christchurch.

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Following the deadly attack in Christchurch it can only be said that the attack on the mosque was pre-planned.It just doesnt seem to be a concidence that the Bangladeshi Cricket team had just offered their Prayers in this mosque. The shooter went live and streamed the whole incident and it is appalling to see how the citizens failed to report or the LEAs failed to arrive at an active shooter's location of a mass shooting that spanned over a 30 minute time frame. Following the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team the ICC was sure to ban home cricket in Pakistan even though the Pakistani Policement laid their own lives to save the lives of the Sri Lankan team. However, it is sad to see that the attack had gone on for more than 30 minutes and there was no LEAs that responded to a venue where the whole Bangladeshi Team had just offered their prayers at. For a country that is said to have such a low crime rate it is even more awful that the LEAs failed to even reach a location where AR shots were continuously being fired from. New Zealand is harboring terrorists that have ill intentions towards the Religious minorities in their country and the Citizens around the mosque could care less to report the incident so that prompt counter active measures could have been taken and maybe some lives that were lost today could have been saved. To prevent such events in the future, New Zealand must b deemed unfit to host any international Cricket until it is safe to say that the Religious minorities or the Cricketing teams that visit are safe to play there again following a detailed security inspection. There shouldnt be any double standards regarding the aftermath of the situation and be dealt with just as if the event had taken place in any other country.