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Make mandatory Toxic Air Detectors (TADs) in all public transport passenger airliners.

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The only means for professional pilots and crew to know if the breathable cabin air in ‘modern’ passenger airliners has been contaminated by toxic oil is either by sight or smell of fumes – and after an oil ‘fume event’.

Toxic chemicals, including poisonous organophosphates, have been repeatedly identified on random so called ‘normal’ flights; however the concentrations of toxic chemicals in visible fume event flights have never been published – even though official figures record 1 in 2000 flights, as a ‘fume event’ flight.

The mandatory introduction of Toxic Air Detectors (TADs) on all passenger aircraft (apart from the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which has had this known design flaw engineered out) will provide an early warning for pilots of toxic air and allow them to isolate systems, before further harm to passengers and crew is caused or provide concise technical information for the crew to divert for an emergency landing, if the toxic oil fumes cannot be controlled.

The elevated levels of toxic chemicals would exceed ‘safe levels’ for industrial workers at ground level, but these levels are inappropriate for vulnerable citizens, pregnant women, children and babies in public transport airliners and were never intended to be used for public health.

Lufthansa’s Chief Pilot has backed the introduction of TADs in future passenger airline designs in a staff memo of December 2013, but no airline will adopt TADs for existing fleets without demand from educated customers, as the liability costs of facing this issue are incalculable.

Whilst legislation has existed for decades to fit smoke detectors in domestic homes, tobacco smoke detectors in airliner lavatories and other sensitive confined spaces (submarines) – unsurprisingly the airline industry persists in systematically denying ill health caused by exposure to toxic oil fumes in a confined space found both in aircrews and passengers. The jet-lag type sickness was first identified by scientists from the US, France and Australia as Aerotoxic Syndrome in 1999.

Most passengers probably assume that they are already being protected by TADs as they are a plain, common sense safety measure; whilst aircrews are not even made aware of this ongoing, hidden, health and safety scandal and would welcome mandatory introduction, which would remove ‘guesswork’ in a critical environment of the twenty first century.

If you support ‘goal line’ technology in football and value Formula One competition – support the race to fit TADs in ALL modern airliners with a mystery prize for the 78,700th signature.



Everyone knows TADs make sense; why fly in ignorance? 

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