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Reborn Baby Doll Artists in favor of the Cancelling the Trademark words "Reborn Baby Doll"

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Our association of reborn baby doll artists and the community of reborn baby doll artists wishes to have the trademarks that were filed by Amy D. Wilson (Calhoun, GA) for the words "Reborn Baby Doll" & "The Original Reborn" cancelled.  We as many individual reborn baby doll artists represent a large number of artists, which is several thousand people, who have been using the words "Reborn Baby Doll" to define our genre of dolls that we create- long before Amy D. Wilson came to be known in our industry. Also, each artist has his or her own reborn baby doll nursery to showcase and sell under. In many instances, the words "Reborn Baby Doll" is directly stated and used in our legal business names, online auctions, websites, etc. This new trademark seems to have been incorrectly applied for and filed by a third-party website, "Justia" that apparently did not take the time to research properly to see that these very generic words describes every aspect & use of our reborn baby doll industry. In doing so, this trademark has caused mass confusion in our industry. Artists and doll businesses are having their auctions reported by this Amy Duncan Wilson who is new to the art form (2015) and who apparently described the wrong dolls in her trademark. She lists ball jointed dolls in obtaining the trademark, but nothing about reborn dolls except for in the name, which makes absolutely no sense. It is almost as if she is confused in both her product, and that of what a reborn doll is. She is however very adamant that no other reborn baby doll artist can use the words "Reborn Baby Doll" anywhere and her motives for obtaining the trademark of those words seems almost deliberate to shut down our industry as a whole so she has no competition. Another reason we are opposing the trademark is because the trademark does not distinguish her company, product or website in a unique manner than what any other artist is doing. The trademarked words are just too generic to discern any differences between any of the reborn baby doll artists. It's the nature of our business, the product description we market our dolls by and there is really no other way to accurately describe them without using these exact words or any combination there of. We would also like to have noted that Ms. Wilson misrepresents the origin date of when the trademarked words on her application were first used in commerce. She states the date as being April 26, 2015.  This is flat out incorrect and grossly misrepresented because many of us in the industry have been using the terminology since the 1990's to describe our work. The words are used frequently and very well established.  With the other trademark words in dispute that Amy Duncan Wilson stated on another register. She describes her business & trademark brand as "The Original Reborn."  Our association of doll artists feels that where this trademark is concerned that it is a flat out attempt to blatantly mislead customers that unknowingly & surely will happen upon her website, auctions etc. and believe her false claims of being "the original reborn." The claim of her dolls being the original reborn is unsubstantiated by facts as she has only been in our industry since April of 2015. (Approx. a year and a half.) There are many pioneers in our art of reborn baby doll making, and she is not one of them. If we were to accept anyone to have a trademark that we wouldn't dispute it would be Pat Moulton. Pat is an artist who in truth came out with the first "Reborn Baby Doll" kits almost 2 decades ago. Some of which are among the dolls that Ms. Wilson paints and sells now for profit- while doing her best to prohibit everyone else to do the same because of the general wording she chose to trademark. So we know that in order to be able to return our industry to normal we have to file a notice of opposition with the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board to reverse it's decision. This is being done, but our prime reason for starting this petition is to show proof in one place of how many people, artists, and their livelihoods this incorrectly filed trademark is affecting.  Thank you all for your support. 

~International Association of Doll Artists Founder, Tracy Cheyka

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