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To whom,

I have started this petition today to bring awareness to you all.

Coming to Mallorca as a tourist and seeing "what is meant to be a country side / old age way of travel" happening here is sad view to many. This "gypsy industry" where you pay for a horse and carriage ride upsets a lot of people and to see these horses how they are .. is sickening. 

If you have ever witnessed them at work, you will know and remember that these horses, when they're not pulling a heavy carriage on a busy Palma street surrounded by car fumes, noise and concrete, they stand for HOURS in the 30+ degree heat .. DAILY while attached to the carriage. Strapped and bound in uncomfortable heat while the owners relax and sleep in the carriage waiting for the next paying passenger.

Why is this allowed? 

When was it ok to force these horses into an environment like this? especially when we humans can barley stand the summer heat.

These horses are bone thin. I have seen the stables where they are returned to after their long day, and I can say that these owners could not care less about it / them. Their stables are grimy and small tucked away in the industrial section of Palma. These horses are never free to roam in a paddock.. if at all. They are bound to a carriage or waiting there turn.

How is this different from animals to circus performers? animals in circuses have been banned for many years and yet these horses are whipped to move, forced to pull and demanded to stop. Why is this city legal attraction?

There have been a number of accidents here in Palma over the years where the horses and daily traffic collide resulting in serious injuries and death, horses have collapsed in the heat from dehydration and collapsed from being over worked. This is pure cruelty, non-humane work and a disappointment to the Spanish from a tourist view. 

These men also do not pay tax, its all cash in the hand, under the table wages, yet not a single man works. They use and abuse the animals.

Move this industry out into the country side where there are no cars, buildings and fumes, where the horse actually get a chance at living a normal life OR remove the industry all together. 


 Thank you

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Esta petición ha conseguido 5015 firmas

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