Let’s stop animal abuse on factory farms and other farms.

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Someone put hidden camera’s in factory farm, which told us the truth about how animals are being treated. For example https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7FhHgYjymNU

It breaks my heart to see what animals have to go through. Let’s stop the animal abuse. Chopping off tails of baby pigs, throwing them to the floor till they die, abusing every animal, it’s horrible and heartbreaking! It’s cruel and disgusting! 

I understand we need meat, but it doesn’t mean the animals have to suffer. The sloutcher cut neck of the animals and hang them up while they were alive or burned them alive. (As you can see in the video) They had to be in pain and suffer which is horrible!

The animals in my opinion should be put to sleep or have a pain killer. Not killed alive and suffer. If they have to be killed then in a way that won’t hurt them. What’s the point of making them suffer? It’s horrible.

They should be treated with respect, not pain. They don’t deserve to suffer. Their last days shouldn’t be a living nightmare.

The animals which are “useless” don’t abuse or kill them like the baby pigs and chickens in the video. They should be given to someone who cares. Someone can adopt them.

I think there should be hidden camera’s in every factory farm and any other farm because, you never know what’s happening there. Farmers will never tell the truth. Baby pigs etc that aren’t “useful” to the farmer should be given for someone to adopt them or be free with their mother so they don’t die.

If anything bad records, then the owner of the farm should get a warning that if abuse don’t stop then the farm will be shut down. If the owner changes then that’s good but if the abuse continues their farm should be shut down imediately and all animals to be free. Maybe this would stop the cruility and animal abuse? 

The only thing I want to aim from this petition is for animal abuse to stop, especially in factory farms. I hate to think what all these animals have to go through everyday, it’s heartbreaking.