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Bring Havok Home!

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This is an absolute injustice and outrage to Pitbull Parents and pitbull lovers all over. This is not just a petition your going to sign. This isn't going to change the entire universe but signing this will be one step closer to giving this poor inocent boy his world back, giving his loving, gentle family a part of their world back. This boy needs to be set free. No dog should have this tragedy happen. If this were a human being attacking another human the identification of that individual would be questioned over and over but in this case there were no questions asked. Only a life altering event for all who loves Havok involved. Please give him and all other wrongfully accused dogs the voices they need. 


a 2 year old Pitt Bull named Havok that is in desperate need of help. On November 22 ,2016 The owner and her young children were letting their dog Havok play outside in the front yard with the neighbors female Bloodhound Savanah. A lady came jogging down the road with her headphones on and when the bloodhound saw her she took off across the street after her with my dog chasing after her. Once the bloodhound reached the woman it began to bite her right that quick moment The owner yelled for Havok before he could even get close enough to touch her...and then the bloodhound bit her on her hip. Havok ran  inside his home and The owner of Havok started to walk after the woman to make sure she was ok. She knew the dog to have bitten a child inside it's own home and have a picture to prove it. She told the woman She would call her medical help but she refused. Havoks kwnet asked about her arm and the jogger yelled at her and said it wasn't her arm but her hip. She started to yell at Havoks owner and the neighbor who owns the bloodhound about the leash law which Havoks owner admitted was in violation of. However Havok sid NOT bite her. She came back with animal control and they asked the owner of Havok to bring him outside so she could identify if he was there as well. She then said yes and that he was the one who bit her. My neighbor came outside and told the animal control officers that Havok wasn't close enough to her to bite her and that it was their dog who made contact with her. They deny that their bloodhound bit her but said that the dog knocked her down and then changed the story again saying that she threw herself to the ground....which didn't happen. The animal control officers then told them that they had to surrender the sweet boy and that the family wouldn't know anything until either Monday or Tuesday of next week.  This boy needs to come home. He needs to be treated fairly. This is a perfect example of how pit bulls are not given a chance what so ever. They live in Houma Louisiana...70360 they need help. 

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