BAN Dog Cruelty videos and pictures from Facebook NOW !

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Im a Trini woman, 4 feet 11 inches, the mountains I choose to climb are always bigger than I AM ,but I never run in fear .I SPEAK TO THEM .

Hi I'm Krystal Ross

Facebook Is one of the biggest social sites of this generation. It was created so that we can stay connected to our loved ones and friends, it's a forum where we get to create our best selves,We control what we share and what we hide. It has the power to keep u captivated for hours, A virtual space that  can literally snatch your innocence in one click ,enrich your life or make you very afraid of this world we live in...

imagine this scenario after a family meal I log on to say hi to my friend in Trinidad.. scrolling down my timeline  is a video of a dog being burnt alive with a blow torch ..his howls piercing through my screen ,begging for mercy the only way he knows how, my hands begin to shake..scrolling further down I see another video of a dog fighting for his life in a pot of boiling water and he's being hit on the head with a bat..i try to scroll dwn quickly but my fingers are not fast enough,tears in my eyes  these imagines now forever printed in my mind, I decide to log off because my spirit simply cant take anymore when someone shares another disgusting video this time of a dog being hung by its back legs and his skin being yanked off while he is still alive ... hes facing the camera and he's crying tears of blood, because not even holy water can save him from a heartless man ! Why ?? What type of human being can do this ??? Why is this even acceptable ??Fair enough in some countries eating dogs are legal but must they be tortured and broadcasted for the world to see ??? Is this now a cool thing ??? Who's allowing this to reach on my page ???

Animal Abuse of any kind is inhumane and disgusting ... Every religious book tells us that if we must eat animals they should be killed instantly ..Torturing an animal before death is a wicked act , and should be called out for what is it .. there is no justification for this act of evil.

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures..loved by humans for generations they have become our companions our smiles our comfort ..  they are our four legged family members.. the only thing they cant do is talk actual words but they can communicate with us's best friend because of their loyalty , their capability to form long lasting ties and their unwavering ability to reciprocate love .. ask my Mom she'd tell you! For all my life I've seen the joy that these precious creatures have bought to her and I'd only wish that every human being gets to experience that type of Love.

let me make this clear my fight is not that everyone should stop eating animals!

  I'M  ASKING TO BE RESPECTED ..Im asking that the people in charge of these sites show some consideration for us dog lovers /pet owners I'm asking that these videos be discouraged..IM ASKING THAT THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS BE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY AND NOT ALLOWED TO BE SHARED ON FACEBOOK AND OTHER SITES .

IFYOU HAVE EVER SEEN ANY OF THESE VIDEOS AND THEY'VE MADE YOUR BLOOD CRAWL PLEASE JOIN WITH ME ..LETS PUT AN END TO THIS !!  You wanna eat a dog in your country fine! KEEP IT PRIVATE ..acts of violence against human or animal should NOT be glorified in any form or fashion. 

Im asking that these vile videos and picture of dogs being tortured be banned from facebook NOW ...