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Pets must have their basic rights protected

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A 32-year-old Norwegian man gets away with only 21 days conditional imprisonment and a ban on having dogs for 5 years, after mistreating several puppies to death.  With the conditional sentence he will not serve a day in prison.

The judgment was for the last puppy, who was systematically abused over a period of months in 2015. The puppy named Lord was regularly kicked and beaten, causing injuries to his legs and ribs, and he was bitten in the nose by his owner, leaving an open wound.  Ha finally died alone in the apartment from his injuries.

The man has admitted to have done the same to numerous dogs before, all of them puppies.  It is documented that he purchased 8 dachs puppies before 2015, and that 7 of them died shortly after.  Only one was rescued after it was discovered with fractures.  The others died after terrible suffering.  Despite of this he can own dogs again after 5 years, and in the meantime he can have other animals. 

The link between violence to animals and violence to humans is well documented. This should be taken into consideration by the Norwegian judiciary. For the safety of both animals and humans it is very important to take animal abuse seriously.

We request that the sentence is appealed and that the maximum penalty of 3 years prison is used in cases like this, in addition to denial of the right to own animals for lifetime.

Pets are living creatures, capable of pain, love and other emotions. Emotions are "contagious" to all living creatures. Pain and suffering caused to living creatures spreads around to other living creatures. The Norwegian court ruling, in this case,  disregards the values and basic rights that are important to us all. 

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