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Animal Cruelty must stop!

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We need to stop abusing animal especially here in the Philippines. There is human rights for children and women rights and even for the criminals but how about the rigths of animals especially here in the Philippines. Actually there was establish rights for animals but only to other country like USA. Here in the Philippines most here folks here don't treat animals as part of they're family compare to other country which they treat dogs and other animals as part of their family.

We don't treat these poor little creature just like we treat ourselves. we think animals as a mindless creature who does not have not emotion. It hurts to me to see in the streets that there are animals who are dying in hunger, abusing and cruelty especially dogs and cats. Sometimes they're being hit by vehicles passing by and didn't bother to stop or slow down here in the Philippines there is dog and cat were butchered and use their meat as a food. 

I can't believe that me also as a Filipino apalled to to my fellow Filipinos. They too abusive to these poor little creature. We need to stop these cruelty acts for these poor creature we both created by God so we as a superior to them we need to take care of them before its to late. Animals also have a soul so we need to love them and take care of them just like we love ourselves.

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