Install Indore Swachh Model in all districts & border areas of Jammu and Kashmir

Install Indore Swachh Model in all districts & border areas of Jammu and Kashmir

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Aanchal Sharma started this petition to Shri Manoj Sinha and

Respected Sir/ Ma’am ,

Jammu and Kashmir Urgently requires the Indore Swachh model to be implemented. Keeping in mind the geological terrains of our border areas like Rajouri Poonch , Samba etc

In Swachh Survekshan 2020, Jammu had secured 224th rank across the country but in SS 2021, the city made a big leap by jumping 55 spots to secure 169th spot out of 372 in the overall ranking. We have to get it below 100

Our Requirements - 

preservation of small water bodies , 

*1)Functional Sewage Drainage System—

Due to the efforts of Indore Municipal Commissioner, Asheesh Singh and his team, a two-kilometre stretch of Sarswati river flowing through Indore has been made 100 per cent sewage free by treating inflow from 28 sewage lines through a fully functional Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)!

What makes this river cleanup model unique is its capacity to recycle eight MLD (millions of litre per day) of sewage into clean water. Apart from environmental and health benefits, this project is also helping conserve water. The recycled water is used to fill up other dry water bodies and water 250 gardens. However, Saraswati River was polluted due to damage or lack of sewage lines. So, mapping the sewage outfalls was the first step IMC took. Once, the spots were identified, they were geotagged to lay new pipelines and connect it to STP.

*2)Door to door Waste Segregation Collection - 

Since 2016, Indore’s municipal corporation (IMC) has eliminated garbage dumps, ensured 100% household-waste segregation and converted waste to usable products, such as compost and fuel. It partnered with non governmental organisations for an awareness campaign to change the behaviour of its citizens, contracted private companies to run some waste management operations, used technology, and improved municipal capacity to ensure the implementation of its waste management plan.Door to Door Collection of Segregated waste like Dry, Wet and Hazardous. 

Indore has 10 transfer stations, where the garbage is weighed, segregation is ensured, and then sent onward for processing at the central facility.At the facility, 645 tonnes of recyclable waste is daily sifted through and separated by 300-odd workers.As much as 550 tonnes of organic waste is produced daily. It is converted to compost which is sold to farmers and landscapers as manure. Sometimes it is given free of charge as farmers agree to transport the compost at their own cost.

Non-recyclable waste is sent to a cement plant at Neemuch and to the M.P. Rural Road Development Corporation to be used in the construction of roads

*3)Road washing and cleaning 

Every night, 800 km of main roads are swept by machines, footpaths and road dividers are washed by a water mist. This uses 400 litres of water every night, most of it recycled water from the three sewage treatment plants s

*4)River/ lake Revival

(Tawi , Jhelum , Chenab ,Dal lake , Nageena lake , Mansar lake ,Ranbir Canal ,  ) by STP and installing cameras so no one dumps garbage on them

*5)Protection/Conservation of our City Trees and Forests 

*6)Heavy Penalty on people who litter, spit or urinate on streets and Rivers. 

*7) Instalment of Air Quality Monitoring System for daily Aqi data 

*8) Soil Conservation 

Keeping in mind the geographic terrains of the remote border areas we have to design Indore Swachh Model accordingly 

Encouragement of clean up drives , plantation drives by school, colleges, 

Early arrival of summers and lack of Rainfall will give a stress on our water consumption. It is our survival need to Revive our perennial Rivers. 

Recently Rajouri DC had distributed free dustbins for waste segregation in Rajouri, it was very commendable and we hope with door to door segregation and collection, daily waste collected will also be recycled 


Dr Aanchal Sharma 

The Earth and Climate Initiative. 

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