Instagram, The Deactivating-Appealing Process is Broken and Unsupportive, Changes Required

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We call on Facebook/Instagram to intervene and make some changes in the deactivating-reactivating process! what's happening is preposterous! there is something wrong and their is no support! you can just take a look to the community and see what they say! this is unacceptable coming from a Big Site like yours!!

After 3 times of wrongful and mistaken deactivation decisions of my account, and desperate attempts to reach out or contact Instagram to inform them about the problem that is going on at their platform, I didn't receive any help or response, I decided to make this petition so that we may be able to inform them that there is a serious issue and something needs to be done.

I did a research and discovered that this problem is everywhere I see every day thousands of users having the same issue everywhere, I personally got my account wrongfully disabled 3 times when they showed me things I didn't do and disabled my account for it, at the same time it took me so long to get their response on my appeals and reactivate the account again, (mostly from 1 to 4 weeks).

It is very upsetting and irritating to wake up the morning to find that your account that you've been working to grow up for two years has been disabled, just because a bunch of spammers and haters kept on falsely reporting your account a lot, while you haven't done anything wrong. 

 The problem starts as the following:- some people(bullies, competitors, haters) are making groups and start reporting a certain account slanderously and constantly until this account gets disabled. They are even using softwares for that! even when it doesn't violate the Guidelines, the system will think this account violates it, it just can't handle the large number of fake reports and damaging claims and eventually they'll disable it. for violations they did not commit,it's your algorithm that's doing that! you are giving spammers and bullies the right to to what they like!! this is unacceptable at all! I'm seeing this everyday!! Instagram should not allow these kinds of behaviors!!. We work hard on our accounts!. 

The service is obviously unable to deal with the large number of malevolent and slanderous damaging claims!

 I love using Instagram and I want it to get better, and want to help get rid of these problems. as they still exist, and people still having their accounts unfairly disable.

So suggested solutions and changes as I see them suitable include:-

  • When someone wants to report an account, his report should be genuine, you have to find a way to make reports real! for example he should explain or give evidence! if not he should be warned!! this way will be more genuine and creative and helpful to the community and to the support!! and will spare you so much time and effort! as random reports will be noticeably less!!.

  • On the other hand and the most important thing, you let the user whose account got disabled to actually appeal!!, you provide us with an appealing form that you don't reply to!! what's the point of that!, no rejection no approval no anything! we also have the right to have any sort of communication!! We spent countless days building these accounts and it may got disabled on error! having any sort of communication is our right! 
    When you disable someone's account just show him his violation!! Show him as well the post/s or the action that he did that contains such kind of violation!! included it in the message!! not accuse him with things he may not have done and send him an automated message starts with "it looks that your account is disabled"!! that has no relation to what he wrote in his appeal!! this is not fair! it's his right to see his violation!! this will also lessen wrong deactivation decisions, and let the users know their fault!!!. I think this is not hard to do.

If the reporting suggestions are inapplicable, just make an update in the appealing process, we deserve some concern! the process doesn't suit a big platform like yours, some changes for the better won't do harm! let the user to actually appeal! by responding more humanly not by sending formatted forms and emails that you don't reply ever after!!! Please take action!.