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Shut Down Suggestive Kinsely Raina Instagram

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A new generation of children are growing up without any say in how their image is shared online. In most cases, that means a few embarrassing potty training photos or a video or two of them in a diaper. Kinsley Raina is not that fortunate.

Kinsley Raina is a baby and her image is being exploited in exchange for "Internet Stardom" and free baby items. The images posted to Kinsley's Instagram account (@kinsleyraina) are disturbing to say the least. While some could easily be brushed aside as cute baby photos, the overall account exemplifies a larger message to Kinsley's audience: Her body and image are yours for the taking -- do whatever (and we mean WHATEVER) you want with them.

The photos posted of Kinsley have become more suggestive as she ages. Recently, completely naked photos of Kinsley were posted to Facebook and Instagram (the photos were subsequently removed from Instagram). Anyone casually reading the comments section of most images (especially the nude deleted ones) will find many inappropriate remarks about Kinsley. After reading these comments, one is left with the impression that plenty of people are using Kinsley's image for less than savory purposes and it is sickening.

Kinsley is a precious baby who has had zero say about the use (and abuse) of her image. Let's shut down this exploitative account before the worst happens. Let's protect this child.

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