Revise 7500 follow limit

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A 7,500 following limit was recently placed on Instagram to reduce the unwanted spam. However, I have not seen a reduction of spam nor have the thousands of Instagramers that I receive emails from. The limits are being thrown on to the backs of the newcomers and this isn't fair at all. If you have been around Instagram for a while and have managed to follow more than 7,500 people then you can continue to follow as many more people as you please. The only thing the following limit has accomplished is thousands of frustrated people and a community of people being annoyed for being unfollowed or forced to unfollow accounts There are thousands of aspiring pet accounts, pet photographers, dog models, and pet businesses & people simply trying to get their pets and business noticed on the popular page. The few people following 300K and with over 100K followers will continue to be on the popular page while most people will stay stuck following 7.5K and usually with 10K followers or less because their accounts can not follow back.  Please remove the following limit to allow everyone to have an equal chance of being noticed and one step closer to their goal.    PLEASE REMOVE THIS LIMIT OR RAISE IT THANK YOU THE PET COMMUNITY.