Stop Instagram's Censorship of Psoriasis!

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A number of widely-used psoriasis-related hashtags are currently blocked on Instagram. The hashtags affected include: #psoriasisuk, #scalppsoriasis, #guttatepsoriasis, #psoriasisawareness, #psoriasissupport, #psoriasiscommunity, #psoriasislife, and #psoriasisproblems. For each of these hashtags the 'Recent' posts are not displaying.

These hashtags are an important tool in allowing people who are affected by psoriasis to access vital support and share experiences on the Instagram platform. The blocking of these hashtags is, therefore, an extremely serious issue and has caused much anger and dismay among the psoriasis community on Instagram.

Efforts to bring the issue to Instagram's attention have so far been met with no response. The Psoriasis Association would therefore request that Instagram provides clarity over why the content of these hashtags is currently blocked, and also assurances that this issue will be fixed as soon as possible.

This is particularly frustrating as a similar issue occurred in February 2018 and yet the lessons from last year do not seem to have been learned.

Please sign and share this petition and help us to get these hashtags restored so that the psoriasis community can once again freely access vital support on Instagram.