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Petition to get 20th Century Fox to Make Sonny Bargers Movie or Release his rights back

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Everyone in the Biker Community, Friend or Foe, Supporter or not, Needs to show our respect for the ultimate legend in the Biker Community. 20th Century Fox owns the rights to Sonny's Book " The Life and Times of Sonny Barger" They initially agreed to make a movie out of the book. Up to this point they have not done as agreed. We ask all to sign the petition and tell 20th Century Fox to either make the movie or release the rights so Sonny can move on and give us the movie we all want to see. Please Share this with all your friends,brothers,family and get it moving so Sonny gets what he deserves. Sonny and his club brothers have fought all their lives for the freedom we have today. Time to give back !! Below is from Sonny's Facebook Page.

#makethesonnybargermovie A CALL TO ACTION...

Over the years I have always been asked… When are they going to make a movie based on your book, Hell’s Angel? Here’s a brief explanation:

In 2000, my life story, Hell’s Angel, came out and was quickly an International Bestseller. Soon after, Hollywood came knocking, wanting to make the book into a Major Motion Picture. For over a decade they put elite Hollywood writers on it, not one of them collaborated with me during that time, and not one of them produced a screenplay that was authentic from the book. They being 20th Century Fox. When I made the deal with Fox they agreed it would be an origins story of how I founded the Oakland Charter in 1957, with the great cast of iconic characters in my crew like, Skip Workman, Terry The Tramp, Johnny Angel, Doug The Thug, Zorro, Cisco, Big Al Perryman, etc. All attempts to write a genuine story failed on their part. I guess they wanted to tell a different story, one that was fictional and portrayed us on how they felt society viewed us. Obviously, I wasn’t going to let that happen and never would! So on a last effort for Fox to make it right, and 13 years later, they let me choose two writers to collaborate with. Those two writers being independent filmmaker/writer, Jeff Santo(Dead In 5 Heartbeats, This Old Cub), and writer/producer/director, Rob Weiss(Entourage, Ballers). With Jeff and Rob we finally produced a screenplay that I approved, one that told the true historical origins story of the club and the rise of our Oakland charter, and the club’s expansion across the nation, and my fateful ride into Folsom Prison. In the end, even with our willingness to work with Fox on the story, they decided to shelve the script. Now Fox holds my book and story hostage. A story that is a part of American history. A story told through my eyes, my experiences, from my best selling book. Maybe they’re waiting for me to move on from this life and then tell it their way. Again, that will never happen! So I say this: Make the movie or free up our script and the book, and let someone who will.

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