Inmates at Harford county detention center constitutional rights continuing to be violated

Inmates at Harford county detention center constitutional rights continuing to be violated

January 6, 2021
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Started by Mary Habana

UPDATE :  US THE PEOPLE HAVE Constitution rights, end it should not be OK if they are being ignored or violated. No pandemic has stopped the law from locking up people who break the law, so why is it because of a pandemic the peoples constitutional rights are being ignored. Here in Maryland the speedy trail rights ( hicks rule ) is 180 days, even with the pandemic going on, from the time the courts has been open for jury trails Inmate speedy trail right has been violated & ignored her lengthy detention adds up to more then 180 days for when the courts was open her case should be dismissed immediately. As well as case information and details of the case with names of the people has been posted and shared from the Harford County‘s detention center in Maryland so how is she going to have a fair trial to begin with now they will already be prejudice against her there’s already a conflict of interest.

Ms.Akers requested a grievance form due to medical and how they have stopped her medication and lowered her dosage without no doctors approval as well as without inmate even see in the new doctor she got a response saying they will not provide her a grievance because they find no legal grounds to submit a grievance for that reason, this happened the week of March 7th-11th of 2022. The month of December 2021 & January 2022 Ms.Akers asked for a grievance form and was denied a grievance forms due to the fact that she would not say what it was in regards to or who it was in regards to as it is confidential, and she was then told, we cannot give you a grievance form to fill out.

gamble with a person "LIFE" with a "DEATH" sentence before even attending a trial. Denying bond by focusing on the nature of the alleged CRIME Rather then Defendant  " RISK OF FLIGHT ".

 Nancy Akers, 61. is currently incarcerated at Harford County Detention Center, which given her poor health, puts her in an extremely vulnerable and dangerous position during this pandemic.

Defendant has been denied bond, defendant is not a flight risk as well as not in there for a violent crime. Defendant has COPD, history of RSV, progressive blindness, depression, anxiety, severe swelling in her legs and feet, possible beginning stages of dementia.

Coupled with a traumatic childhood and the loss of her daughter recently, her emotional pain (in addition to physical pain due to her health issues) have contributed to her addiction issues.  I am willing to personally help in providing Nancy the resources she needs for recovery. She has already been approved to start a treatment program, and she would be living with me. We have plans for regular church attendance as well as counseling. THIS is the treatment Nancy needs to address her grief and health issues, not incarceration.

The CDC has issued guidance that individuals at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, adults ages 60 and over, and people with chronic medical conditions take IMMEDIATE preventative actions,  including avoiding crowded areas and staying home as much as possible. With CONFIRMED cases in Bel Air,MD,  that indicate community spread, WE must take every necessary action to protect vulnerable populations and the community at large. Harford county detention center has already had 3 outbreaks of confirmed cases, as well as the detention center being under staffed imates are not getting proper care or treatment 

The circumstances that existed when Defendant was ordered detained have now changed.

Changed circumstances:

Defendant heath is worsening in a rapidly rate 

she possibly may be in begging stages of dementia 

She has the want to change her life, and simply just needs a chance to prove that. 

There is a pandemic that poses a direct  risk that is far greater than if  Nancy Akers continues to be detained during  this public heath crisis .

Courts around the country have recognized the importance of  community health and the health of incarcerated populations by releasing pre-trail detainees during this crisis.

There is no evidence that NANCY AKERS will flee the jurisdiction. 

or I would be more then willing to contact the court to make them aware that defendant is not doing nothing to better her self. Yes she is my mother so by no means would I ever want to that, but would I do it if necessary ? Yes I would !!! Because I love her and want the best for her. 

There is no concrete evidence that Defendant poses an identifiable and articulable DANGER TO OTHERS.  (SHE WAS A PRIVATE DUTY CAREGIVER FOR 12-15  YEARS).defendant is treated poorly and living in harsh conditions..  Being detained imates learn more bad habits from the inside than they do on the street. Defendant has had a hard life. She has worked 2-3 jobs her whole life to provide and keep a roof over her family heads. Defendant  deserves to prepare for her case which she is unable to do currently. She is 61 years old, and given the fact that her charges are not violent charges, she is not a flight risk, and she has a big support system waiting to help in any way possible. Permitting defendant to remain incarcerated is deliberate indifference to and failure to accommodate Defendants serious heath condition, and addiction treatment, as well as defendant mental Heath  This is harsh and cruel  punishment for someone who  has not been found guilty yet, unconstitutional under the fourteenth amendment and fifth amendment to the United States.

I'm calling on our governor of Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan, to look into this matter and please take the necessary steps.

We, as a community, need to help each other  in a way that will be successful, and for this specific situation, incarceration for pre-trail detainees is doing more harm then good. 

Given her state of mind (she is going through terrible grief after losing her daughter last year), she needs counseling.

Given her medical condition and it rapidly getting worse and the Covid-19 crisis, defendant being detained is very dangerous for defendant. 

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Signatures: 3,591Next Goal: 5,000
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