Justice For Maddie Lambert

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16 year old Maddie Lambert is a teen mother, mom to Everly Joy Lambert, impregnated at age 14. She single-handedly provides and cares for her infant daughter.

Everly's father wasn't in the picture until she was ten months old and even then, only barely.

Maddie uses her YouTube channel where she has a steady following of over a million subscribers to provide for her baby.

Recently, out of concern that Everly's father might be on drugs, Maddie hired an attorney for her daughter's safety. Instead of addressing the most important issue on hand, the judge instead used her Instagram profile and YouTube channel against her, claiming that it endangered young Everly. One of the main points being that Maddie breastfed Everly.

Maddie is now facing several restrictions on her YouTube channel and on her Instagram, ones that could affect her career and how she provides for her daughter.

A teen mother, raising a toddler, and using social media to help other teen parents should not be attacked for something as innocent as sharing how she raises her baby. She shouldn't be facing consequences for actions that are purely innocent.

Maddie Lambert and Everly Joy Lambert deserve justice.